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About Us

Committed to Excellence

ArabKO INC. Korea is a Marketing, Branding and Business Solutions agency that was founded in 2019, and based in South Korea, Seoul, With wide range of network and customers in MENA & GCC Regions.

The company was founded to Fill up the gap that exists between Korean/Arab Business relation, by bridging the huge businesses and opportunities between both sides by offering different services with a variety of tools and network connection

We believe that proactive & attentive management skill is the key to achieve customer satisfaction. At ArabKo INC., our client's best interest would always come first, and our values and professional ethics guide everything we do.


I am a creative hard-working professional who has been working in RETAILS & MARKETING for 7+ Years
Working Globally in 3 continent enhance my experience with different methods and tools
moved to South Korea back in 2018, Started the first of kind Arabic speaking Marketing and Business Agencycalled Arabko Inc. Based in Seoul, Korea


Our Mission is to be a bridge for your business and tailor your needs through thorough marketing techniques and service solutions in order to generate prospective customers and patients.


Our Vision is to take your business to new heights with transforming new and lasting opportunities in the next five years by being the exclusive channel between you and your Arabic speaking customers. Through our services, we will reach successful milestones of making your business sit at top search results and ad spaces in the Middle East and the Arabic speaking world with the latest strategies, analytics, and optimizations.


Our core values are;

Accountability: We acknowledge and accept responsibility for actions, products, decisions, time, and policies.

 Commitment: We are committed to providing products of exceptional quality and outstanding customer service experience.

 Integrity: We provide honestly, timely communication and service that shows respect and kindness with every customer, teammate, supplier, governing agency, and competitor.

 Profitability: We recognize that profits are essential for growth, opportunities, job stability, and the future viability of the company.

 Safety: We ensure the health and well-being of all teammates and customers.


Our Short term Goal After setting up the First of a kind platform serving all the Arabic speaking who are seeking guidance in Korea to deliver a well-tailored Arabic marketing service to Business in Korea so that they can reach their prospective customers and Bridge Both Korea/Arab Business relations.

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