3 Reasons why MIALL Clinic is a unique partner

We at Arabko We believe that the quality of our clients and partner is what count, and from that point we have addressed those reasons why partnership with Miall korean medicine clinic is a unique partner.

1-Being a doctor is not enough. We have been honored to meet Dr.Lim Yong Seok. The president and the Founder of Clinic. We have learnt that being just graduated Doctor is not just enough for him and that what made him and the clinic is outstanding. He is a Dr with entrepreneur skills that pushes him in 2014 to found Miall Clinic and from there till 2021 Miall Clinic reached 26 clinics all over South Korea, Serving clients from all over East Asia and South East Asia China, Japan, Vietnam, South Korea and more And with the collaboration together with Arabko inc. now we are targeting a new niche and set a new milestone in the GCC and the Middle East. 2-It is not about surgery or chemicals: Miall Korean medicine clinic are standing outside the line of surgeries and chemicals medicine that might help the patients at the moment but also might comes with side effects later. That is why Miall Clinic are offering a variety of medical services and solutions for their patients Non-surgical and safe use medicine check their website to know more

3-The vibes of Miall Team:

There is always a team working somewhere and we at Arabko we have met more than 30+ teams all over Seoul Hospitals and clinics but we have never found such a team working with a great dynamic and pushing themselves and taking roles in each gap they found or happening all the time, And that align with Arabko team.

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