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It is time to elevate Business!

Since we started our market research, Korea has always been always our choice as the New Target market.

From that point on, we have found the huge gap between #SouthKorea and #MiddleEast The GCC.

This gap was found to be language barriers, Culture differences and lack of information on both sides.

Our business model is totally different as we make sure it works on both sides offering services for each party.

We have started to tailor a special program of Digital Marketing, Mentorship and Media networking to help clinics and hospitals in South Korea to generate more patients and customers from the Middle East.

Not only have we been focused on staff training and implementing a new strategy of customer services, we also care to bridge the culture differences by breaking the miscommunication from both sides.

Nowadays, we are creating a complete customer care for the Arabic patients through the Q&A data we have gathered from all the clinics and hospitals. We will provide a brief guide that will help your staff maintain better relationships and connections to your new patients from the Middle East and GCC.

Stay tuned.

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