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What We Do

B2B Consulting

with 5 years' experience in the Korean market we confident to consult your company for successful contracts and better solutions.

Market Analysis

Get a deep and better understanding about the Middle East / GCC market and its business opportunities.


Create your own brand now with us, All you have to do is to think of your brand and we will help get this ready within 45 days


Do not hesitate to ask for your free consultation that can give you brighter image of our service and collaboration.

Partners providing

Search and Identify the right partners, distributors, agents, buyers, clients or suppliers in the Middle East & the GCC


Sourcing, Finding, Inspecting and Validating Suppliers, Manufacturers and Wholesalers in Korea

Exporting / Importing


Products Compliance check, Local Product Registration and Import Agency Services in Korea

Business set-up and registration 

Local Company Registration, Regulatory Compliance and Bank Account in Korea

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